Qualifications to be considered a subcontractor with Atlantic Crystals

  1. A list of projects that are CURRENT or COMPLETED - please include name of project, address, owner, architect, general contractor, and contract amount for your work, your scope of work and scheduled completion. (Include contact people and phone numbers for O, A and GC.)
  2. A list of trade references - companies that you regularly do business with. This list can include suppliers and contractors.
  3. A letter of bond-ability from your bonding company / agent. Including - Name of your bonding company, your bond rate, per project bonding capacity, bond company's rating, and aggregate bonding capacity.
  4. A sample insurance certificate of the coverage that you maintain.
  5. Past two years of NCCI's workers compensation experience mod work sheets from your insurance agent along with a letter from your insurance agent indicating your EMR rating for the past 5 years.
  6. Attach the table of contents from your company's safety manual and quality manual.